The Annual eHealth Developers’ Summit

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THE Forum for eHealth Dissemination, Commercialization, and Adoption

The eHealth Developers’ Summit will not be held in 2006. The date of the next Summit will be announced in early 2007. To be notified of Summit updates, please sign up for the Summit email notification list.

The eHealth Developers’ Summit is the premier annual meeting for executive- and manager-level eHealth business leaders, developers, researchers, and funders. The Summit is the only national meeting that is solely focused on issues of eHealth dissemination, commercialization, and adoption. The Summit fosters business relationships and collaboration among eHealth leaders from commercial entities, academia, government, and the nonprofit sector.

Institutions represented at the Summit include technology and health-related corporations, small businesses and start-ups, academic institutions, health care organizations and purchasers and payers, investors, foundations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Attendance is limited to maximize interactivity.

The Summit seeks to catalyze the sustainable development, adoption, and dissemination of effective eHealth tools. The Summit will:

  1. Identify solutions to common problems faced by business leaders, developers, researchers, and funders;
  2. Enhance communication and exchange of ideas among developers and other stakeholders; and
  3. Provide a unique networking opportunity to foster business relationships and collaborations across various eHealth entities.

Feedback from Past Summit Participants

“The attendees are great! The organization and thoughtful considerations of participants’ needs far surpasses any other meeting I attend.”

“Best interactive and “involving” conference. People help make it happen and you bring great people together.”

“I continue to make more high level contacts at this meeting than all the other conferences I attend combined.”

“It is without exaggeration the top health informatics conference I have attended.”

“Truly a unique gathering, a fabulous opportunity to partner and network with some of the most innovative thinkers in the field.”

“Many thanks for a terrific conference – without question, the BEST conference I’ve ever attended! (That’s over a 35 year span.) Energizing and informative, an incredible generator of contacts, and very stimulating. I came away with a long list of ideas–scientific, business, etc.–for my company to pursue over the next several months.”

“It was truly a mind blowing conference. The teaming out of groups was brilliant and it was nice to hear all the great ideas. It was the kind of conference that re-ignites your passions.”

“Thank you for a terrific conference–it was one of the few events I’ve attended in recent years where I left feeling recharged both personally and professionally. The sessions and discussions were inspiring–reminded me of why I went into this field in the first place. I hope to make attending an annual event.”

“An incredible job with such great attention to the details. The networking opportunities were more than I ever expected–I anticipate a number of future collaborations with other attendees!”

“High quality, well run, and very valuable. I find myself judging other meetings by comparing them to this one.”

Direct questions to the Summit Manager at: summit2 AT