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Smokeless Tobacco Can Mean Cancer or Worse!

sltbcThe poster hung on the locker room wall. Everyone seemed aware of it, but made an effort not to look at it too closely. As one student remarked, “This poster makes me uncomfortable.” And that was its reason for being.

In large black letters, the poster said,” Smokeless Tobacco Can Do for you What It Did for Sean Marsee.” Under that were two pictures: the first, dated 1983, was a typical year-book-type picture of Sean. The second picture, dated a year later, showed a boy with a misshapen face, tubes running into his nose, and a tracheotomy tube in his neck. In the first picture, Sean was smiling. In the second, …

Getting Better At Decision Making

gbadWhat would you like to eat for lunch? Will you spend all your birthday money on a new outfit or save it for car insurance? Which colleges should you apply to?

Life is full of decisions. Some are small and seemingly unimportant. Others may have significant consequences. Whether you’re choosing between a cheeseburger with fries and a tossed salad with low-cal dressing or whethter you’re weighing career options, you’ll rely in varying degrees on logic, emotions, and “sixth-sense” intuition. One of the characteristics that separates success and failure for entrepreneurs is the ability to make strong decisions, says, a website that helps people find and identify good small business ideas.

Suppose you were trying to decide between two job offers. You’d think about the facts: the pay rate, the hours, and distance from home. You’d also consider how you feel about your options. you might be happier working outdoors or feel isolated in a job that doesn’t offer much “people contact.” Your intuition — your “gut reaction” — will also help you decide which to choose. Read more

Listen To Your Dreams… Seriously!

ltydsYou’re rushing through the empty hallway, late for play tryouts. You stumble around for what seems like an eternity looking for the tryout room, but you can’t find it. You’ve forgotten all the lines you’ve been practicing. Or you’re sitting in a classroom, waiting for a history exam to begin, and you realize that you haven’t studied for the test. You panic. you begin to sweat. Your heart beats faster. You’re not going to pass this test!

Sound like a nightmare?

It’s one of the most common. One study on dreams and nightmares revealed that almost one-third of the participants in the study had some form of exam-anxiety dream, and that …

Snoring: A Raging Epidemic

antsnogNight has arrived, and so has the dreaded snoring. A massive 45% of Americans are snorers. This can be a significant problem to the one who has to sleep next to the person doing the snoring. In many cases, relationships and marriages can have problems that ultimately lead to someone having to sleep in a separate room. I am also fairly certain that this has a cascade of negative effects on a person’s life. From their self-esteem to a possible lack of attraction by their mate. Let’s face it, snoring isn’t sexy.

However, with a number like 45%, we would be contrite to not call this an epidemic. What actually causes snoring? There are several factors at play when it comes to snoring. Gravity, tongue and the jaw are the primary culprits. When a person falls asleep, their tongue and jaw muscles relax. This allows gravity to pull them backwards into the throat and narrowing the airway. When this occurs, you get the dreaded snoring sound, which is simply the tongue, muscles or the soft palate vibrating.

In addition to snoring, the person may simultaneously be experiencing sleep apnea. A very serious health condition where they will stop breathing for a short period of time during their sleep. In most cases, this lack of breathing can also cause you to wake up. This revolving circle of sleep, snoring and waking up can create a devastating loss of quality sleep.

Thankfully, there are a number of awesome anti-snoring remedies available. One of the best is the anti-snoring mouthpiece. It is a plastic mouthpiece similar to one seen being worn by professional athletes that corrects either the tongue or jaw placement to eliminate snoring. There are two types available on the market. The MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device and TSD or Tongue Stabilizing Device. Both have had extensive studies done to determine their effectiveness with amazing results.

The MAD works by holding your jaw forward so that when you fall asleep, your jaw doesn’t fall backwards and block your airway. Similarly, the TSD holds your tongue in place via suction to keep it from falling backwards.

It is important to determine the best device for you to receive maximize results. The great news is, most of these devices are fairly inexpensive, easy to care for and maintain. It is imperative and I highly recommended that you read anti-snoring mouthpiece reviews in order to find the best fit for you. What works for someone else might not work for you.

The benefits of anti-snoring mouthpieces are wonderful for the snorer and the person sleeping next to him/her. If you don’t find a way to fix the snoring it can have serious health consequences and can affect Read more

Let Your Kids Be Individuals!

lykbiCharlie plays bagpipes. Julie finds fencing to her fancy. George reads everything he can find about motorcycle engines. Although these teens don’t fit the stereotype of the typical American teenager, they are perfectly normal high school students whose interests place them a little outside the mainstream.

That’s not to say these students are weird. They may have simply developed a stronger streak of individuality than some of their classmates. On the other hand, they may find themselves outside traditional teenage roles because they are slower to develop socially than their peers.

Just as children learn basic skills such as walking and talking at different rates, teenagers grow toward adulthood at different …

Health Foods: Sometimes, The Additives Are Unhealthy

hfIn the outside, it looked like any other food store. Stacks of newspapers cluttered the pathway to the front entrance. Women juggled brown bags and crying kids as they searched for their car keys. The shopping cart I grabbed even had that one rebellious wheel that insisted on sticking.

As I hauled my cart toward the entrance, I looked for the usual poster-like window signs that announce weekly food specials. But all I saw was a small, inconspicuous sign that read, “Organic Food Forum.”

Once inside, I quickly dumped my stubborn cart for a more manageable basket. Then I set out to explore–to investigate a health food grocery store.

Shopping for

The Eyes Have It

eyeThe eyes take up very little space in the human body. Yet most of us would say that of all our senses, vision is the most important to us.

Human vision is extremely versatile. People can see distant objects or near ones, a telephone pole on the horizon 1 to 3 miles away, or the words on a magazine page. Most people’s color vision is sensitive enough to discriminate between at least 120 different colors. People can see even in very dim light. Most see in three dimensions, giving them the advantage of depth perception.

Cheers for Tears

Seeing involves many different structures in and near the eye, as well as …

Athletic Shoes And Science: Good Partners

asasThere is a science to launching a rocket, a science to building a computer, and even a science to planting a garden. But the next time you are in a shoe shop or sporting goods store looking for sneakers, you may find that it helps to know a bit about the science of athletic shoes — and your feet.

It’s no joke. Today, selecting the right athletic shoes for the right activity means knowing about how your foot reacts to specific activities. This requires understanding something about the mechanics and physiology of your feet. Like other sciences, the technology of shoes has changed.

Foot Mechanics

There’s been little change, however, in …

Depression, Anxiety And Your Mental Health

atyYou and your best friend have a fight, and you feel so miserable that you stay in your room listening to music all day. Is that normal, or are you depressed?

You hear a song on the car radio, and the beat stays with you all day. You can’t stop humming it through social studies class, lunch, and swim practice. Is that normal, or do you have an obsession?

There’s a lot of confusion about what are normal emotions, feelings, and thoughts, and what are not. Psychological terms are often used casually in conversation. Many of us have a nodding acquaintance with such popular terms as anxiety, obsession, and depression. We …

Looking At Health On A Global Level

buhA newborn baby lies limp on a blanket, closes his tiny fingers into a fist, and cries. His cry is weak because he is hungry and sick.

The baby was born in a developing nation of Africa where the average yearly income is less than $500. His father struggles to farm land that is not fertile, and his mother walks miles each day to find firewood and clean water. Sanitation is lacking in the baby’s village, so food and water are contaminated with sewage. Many people are sick. There is no medical care, because the village has no doctor or nurse, and not even a refrigerator for storing medicine. The “pollution …

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